Climbing and Clambering

I climb the trees around me. I look for birds but I can see none. I sit on the roof of the shed. I watch for the birds around me. But yet again, I can see none.

So I jump down from the corrugated roof and climb onto the roof of my dads boat. I pull myself up into the willow tree and hook my feet over a branch. I watch for anything interesting. I think about building something there soon and then I wonder what.

The day is greyish and beautiful. The kind of day that is nice for going outside and climbing and clambering. I drop back down on to the metal roof and hear my feet clang. I walk to the edge and jump. I cling on to the bar of the climbing frame. I swing twice, the bar is cold, and then I land on my feet with a crunch of gravel.

I hear my name called. I jog over to the cratch of my mums boat. I feel and smell the fragrant warmth of home.



Fun can take almost any form and when you can recognise what really gives you a sense of fun you should really take your opportunity to enjoy it.

I am going to give you a list of some of the things I find fun .

  1. Nerf Battles!

Why is it Fun?

You get to be with your friends or family. Hiding, running around and lots of laughing. Try creating barriers to hide behind and always gang up on your Dad!


     2. Reading

Why is it Fun?

Reading is like going on an adventure with words. You can lose yourself in a good story and  cliff hangers are amazing and a bit annoying. When I have finished a good story I feel satisfied. You don’t have to just read by yourself sharing books is brilliant.


    3. Ideas

Why is it Fun?

When you have ideas with your friends and make the ideas come to life it really calls for a good Hi-5. But you can create ideas by yourself. I find the more ideas I have the more creative and inspired I become .Ideas can be very different in feeling from building, thinking, playing. There is no limit to ideas.

   4. Drawing

Why is it Fun?

Drawing is like making a still story of what you like or love. Here are some of mine. I follow some cool online drawing sites that help me draw

   5. Music

Why is it Fun?

When I play music it is like all other things in life are flying past. For me playing music gives me a way to express my feelings and love. Watching people play beautiful music gives me strength. For instance, Mamma and I saw a band called Vr√Į and that gave me strength. They were also really nice people and sent me there music so I could learn it.

   6. Family

Why is it Fun?

Because I know I am loved best by my family.


This blog is about books. Books I like. Books I want to share with you. Books are important to me because they are holders of knowledge and imagination. A books landscape can be anything you want it to be. When a writer describes a landscape as hot and desolate the image can be whatever you can imagine fitted in with the description.


The first book I want to share with you is the book I am reading with my mum. It is called ‘Northern Lights‘ and is the first book in ‘The Dark Materials‘ trilogy by Phillip Pullman.

We haven’t finished it yet but I am finding this book inspiring. So far my favourite part is when Lyra gets rescued by the canal folk, the Gyptians because I live on a boat too so I could really imagine what it felt like.

I find this book inspiring as it encourages you to look at the animal part inside of you. The expression of this part of you is a friend and like a soul. I find this kind of writing so interesting because it opens your mind to deeper feelings and feelings you didn’t really think about before.

I can’t wait to keep reading with mamma.

please can you leave me a comment about the book you are currently reading and tell me what you liked about it, didn’t like about it or tell me your favourite book.

good bye.




the story of no-one.

“Gobbleshampleshat.” said No-one¬†angrily. “Wangledongalers” he said annoyed at nothing. No-one was a very faint smoky sort of thing that no-one could really see. He was in there, when¬†really he was out there.

“hangleshangs” No-one exclaimed. No-one was feeling particularly grumpy this grey yet sunny ¬†morning. Being bumped and biffed with all the confusion, he was particularly shinked.

No-one is the thought that lives inside your head, it twists and turns and twirls. He is your thoughts and is your feelings. No-one is the voice of your feelings and speaks with telepathy.

No-one was feeling shinked this grey yet sunny morning because he made the wrong thought. The thought he had meant to be making was a long, shiny smooth thought but the thought he had made was a stubby, broken up, jaggeddy kind of thought about being told what to do.







My friends are very good ones, they change my life.

What is friendship?

friendship is a thing that bonds you to other people.

Sometimes friendships pause and sometimes friendships are smooth.

Friendship is also something that helps your life develop in different ways, for instance when I make new friends I get happier.


What do you do with friends?

play with them, have fun with them. Share with them, experiences and ideas.

In my opinion friends are people you need in your life to be happy.

I have friends i see every week and and they are very good friends. I have friends i see every month and they are very good friends. i have friends i see once a year and they are very good friends.

Some of my friends live far away and some live next door.

Some of my friends are younger than me, some are older than me and some are the same age as me.

All my friends are different but make up a piece of the puzzle, there is one thing i always keep in mind, when you have friends you have joy.


Stop Motion Animation

I like stop motion animation a lot. I like stop motion because it is a way to make your own films. I use STOP MOTION app for making my films.

today i made a film with Lego, a lego baseplate, a painting and some nylon string.i also needed a tripod which was easy to make with 2 pieces of felt and a bulldog clip.

You can make stop motion films with lego and out of clay, paper,toys anything you can get your hands on really.

my favourite stop motion  film is Fantastic Mr Fox. and some short ones too like The Sea is Blue and Dot. Dot is cool because it looks like a computer game,  I think they have a flavour that gives them a nice flow.

My film is here: Dragon of Doom

Bye, Fennrin





Den Club

This time i want to tell you about a group I go to called Den Club. We go there each Wednesday with my friends to build dens but not just dens and it is FUN.

We meet in the woods and are Wildlings for the day.


We have built dens with tarps for the roof, dens out of sticks and we had a competition with my mum and my friends mum one day. Really they won because they worked better in team!

We found an old tyre and made an epic swing. we have made a few swings from rope and sticks too.


My favourite thing about Den Club is playing forty-forty home. We play it by there being a home where the itter stands. we all hide and then we have to get to the home before the person sees us, call our name and blocks us.